URGENTE! SVE em Varsóvia (Polónia)

URGENTE! SVE em Varsóvia (Polónia)

Temos uma vaga aberta num projecto SVE logos_SVEjá aprovado em Varsóvia, na Polónia! (Ainda não conheces o Serviço Voluntário Europeu? Lê tudo aqui!)

A estadia é de 10 meses; o projecto começará a 7 de Setembro de 2014 e decorrerá até a 6 de Julho de 2015 (se for preciso, o projecto poderia começar em Outubro). A organização de acolhimento é a Fundação “Pomocna Dłoń”. A descrição geral do projecto encontra-se na sua página na Base de Dados do SVE.

No projecto participarão 7 voluntários da Alemanha, Ucrânia, Espanha, Moldávia e Portugal. Podem candidatar-se jovens dos 18 aos 30 anos de idade.

Abaixo segue uma breve descrição do projecto:

The project ”International people for people with fewer opportunities 2014-2015”, taking place in Warsaw, involves 7 volunteers. The group will be supporting social care centers and special boarding schools in their efforts of creating the best conditions for people with fewer opportunities: disabled children, youth and adults, children from pathological environment. For 10 months the volunteers will be assisting teachers, educators and therapists in their work and adding intercultural dimension to everyday life of the host organizations. The project aims at increasing awareness of the social exclusion problem among young people and developing their sense of social responsibility. They will gain knowledge of and experience in work with disabled people or children with learning difficulties. Volunteers’ individual approach and unique educational opportunities they create will help reduce the feeling of isolation of people with fewer opportunities. The participants will be helping professional staff which gives them a chance to get technical skills in informal way. Volunteers activities will be adjusted to their needs and pace of learning. All participating will be encouraged to propose their own ideas and share their skills and interests with people under their charge.
Intercultural group activities and sharing everyday life with representatives of other countries will give the volunteers many possibilities to get to know other cultures, increase mutual understanding and become more tolerant. We hope that participation in the project will be an important step in volunteers’ lives helping them to gain new skills, become more mature, independent and willing to take initiative.

Fundacja Pomocna Dłoń2012-PL-97 “Helping Hand” Foundation – work with intellectually disabled adult people

The volunteers will be helping care assistants and therapists in everyday work with the residents of the Foundation. Their activities include:

- helping the people with everyday activities (getting dressed, washing oneself, preparing food),
- helping the therapists with running occupational therapies (education classes, art classes, sport classes, theatre classes, music classes, cooking classes, weaving and pottery classes),
- helping with controlling safety during trips, cultural events, social meetings and other outdoor activities,
- participating in everyday activities of the House such as helping to keep cleanliness and order in residents’ rooms and common spaces of the House as well as in the surrounding area, gardening and simple manual work (painting, removing branches).

Remarks: the work is quite monotonous, the residents are very friendly but reluctant. The volunteer needs to be active and have a sense of initiative, moreover basic artistic skills will be helpful.

Plac Zamkowy w Warszawie

Se estiveres interessado/a, envia o teu CV e carta de motivação (ambos em inglês) para sve@a-spin.pt o mais depressa possível.