Democracy requires involvement

Democracy requires involvement

iDEMO Instituerasmus+logo1-300x85te for Democracy is currently implementing its first project under the Erasmus + program. The project was approved by Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes, which is responsible for implementing this program in Croatia.

Spin is taking part as partner in the project, that is financed by Erasmus+ programme, togheter with other four organizations : FIXMEDIA, Zavod za razvoj filmske ustvarjalnosti Ljubljana; Unique projects; Asociatia Tinerilor Activi Civic.

The project is a youth exchange under the name “Democracy requires involvement!” The implementation of the project began in January this year and it lasts eight months. The motivation for initiating this project were the worrying results of needs analysis carried out by the partners in this project, which has shown a low level of youth participation in civil society and democratic processes. The reasons can be found in their poor knowledge of democracy itself and the process of political decision-making, lack of trust in government and non-governmental institutions and, most importantly, the fact that young people feel powerless, perceiving no real opportunity to initiate any changes.


Therefore, with the youth exchange ‘Democracy requires involvement!’ that iDemo developed along with our partners, we want to repaint Europe’s future in brighter colours.
This youth exchange will bring together 32 participants from Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Lithuania and Portugal, to explore and learn about topics such as European citizenship, active participation and development of civil initiatives; thus promoting civic values and providing participants the opportunity to be able to develop relevant and high-quality skills and competences in the field of active citizenship. The exchange will take place in Zagreb, from 4th until 13th April 2016.

Using nonformal and effective methods we will lead participants through their learning process, enabling them to enter experiential learning through simulation session of the European Parliament and study visits. Furthermore, participants will be given space and advice necessary to develop future citizens’ initiatives that will address the most important issues their local communities are facing.
We believe that by implementing this project we will provide the youth of Europe a second chance, in order to revaluate and strengthen its values and principles, with young people as the best advocates of the changes that are indispensable!