Curso "Connecting with nature" em Astúrias, Espanha

Curso “Connecting with nature” em Astúrias, Espanha

erasmus+The training course will be aimed at helping young people living in urban areas to re-connect with their natural environment. We believe that if young people learn to appreciate nature, they will live happier and become more responsible citizens. This has been verified by a recent study by the RSPB: “when young people are connected to nature, it has positive impacts on their education, physical health, emotional well being, and personal and social skills, and helps them to become responsible citizens”.

Este curso terá lugar em Astúrias, Espanha, entre os dias 4 e 10 de Maio 2015Organização de acolhimento é Biodiversa.

The objectives of the TC are:

  • To help young people connect with the nature around them,
  • To practice and encourage enjoyment of nature,
  • To develop empathy for creatures,
  • To develop a sense of oneness with nature,
  • To develop a sense of responsibility for the environment.

We will use nature as a mentor and the whole TC will be based in experiential learning and non-formal education.


Se estiverem interessados em participar, enviem a ficha de inscrição para com indicação Curso de Formação “Connecting with nature”  até dia 30 de Janeiro 2015.

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