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To choose Spin Hostel means to have the possibility to actively participate in the neighborhood’s life, interact with local community and get to know an unexplored and authentic area of Lisbon.


Spin Hostel is located in the northern part of Lisbon, around 30 minutes from the historical center of the city. It is next to Associação Spin’s headquarters, inside the “Espaço Comunitário Antiga Escola Rio Tejo” (“Community Space Former Rio Tejo’s School”) in the Padre Cruz Neighborhood, Carnide area.



How to reach Spin Hostel:

Daytime: Night out in Lisbon:
Public transportation: Option 1:
Blue Metro Line until Pontinha; out of subway, take:
Carris 729 Bus (“Bº Padre Cruz” direction) and get off at the last stop, Bº Padre Cruz;
Carris 747 Bus (“Campo Grande” direction) and get off at the Bº Padre Cruz stop.
Option 2:
Green Metro Line until Telheiras; out of subway, take:
Carris 747 Bus (“Pontinha” direction) and get off at the Bº Padre Cruz stop.
Cost of a single bus&subway ticket: 1,25-1,40€
Carris 202 Bus (bus stop: Bº Padre Cruz) connects Spin Hostel directly to the main nightlife spots in Lisbon (Bairro Alto and Cais do Sodré) during the whole night.
Cost of a single ticket: 1,25-1,40€
By car: GPS Coordinates: N 38° 46′ 11.516” / W 9° 11′ 19.207”
From 2ª Circular/E1 in the Av. Nações Unidas direction, get off at Carnide/Telheiras on IP7. Continue through Av. Nações Unidas and then through Av. Professor Francisco da Gama Caeiro until turning to R. Rio Tejo.



Close to Spin Hostel there are several important services and facilities, namely: Carnide’s Cultural Center, Sports Pavilion, Library, Pharmacy and Padre Cruz Market.

Our neighborhood has several snack-bars, a traditional grill house and a grocery shop. It counts with social oriented services such as social laundry and cantine. There are many cultural, sportive and social solidarity Associations working in the neighborhood, which are our community partners.

At a short distance there are two big shopping malls, Colombo and C.C. Telheiras and, for football fans, the two main stadiums, Benfica and Sporting, are at a short distance.


About our neighborhood:

Padre Cruz is the biggest popular housing neighborhood of the Iberic peninsula. The multiple urban, cultural and social interventions of the past few years have brought a wider visibility and an increase of the quality of life of the local population. Today it is a neighborhood known by its diversity and multiculturalism, a welcoming space for several events and initiatives.

Also, thanks to innumerous artistic interventions, Padre Cruz neighborhood is today the main Urban Gallery of Lisbon!


About the Carnide area:

Carnide is one of the oldest and largest areas of the city of Lisbon, where now modernity and history meet, being known especially by its community spirit and own particular identity.

To know more about the history of Carnide, read here.