The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.
_ Ludwig Wittgenstein

learnAre you excited about Portuguese culture? Would you like to deepen your knowledge about it by learning the beautiful Portuguese language? With us you will have the chance to do it, you will finally understand the real meaning of the word saudade!

Our teacher will use an intensive and participative method that combines grammar rules and conversation sessions that will allow you to speak a little bit of Portuguese from the very beginning! You will also have the chance to practice what you learn during your classes with Spin’s staff and volunteers, and of course with local people.

At the end of your stay your certificate will reflect your attendance to the language workshop!

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.
_ George Bernard Shaw

cucinaWhen not exploring the Portuguese language you will be able to learn how to cook some traditional dishes from various countries during our cooking workshops!

Our international volunteers will show you how to cook some traditional dishes from their own countries. You may also be involved in the preparation of Portuguese dishes and it would be great if you decided to share your national recipes with us. At the end of your stay you will receive an e-book with a step-by-step explanation of everything we have made.

We will use the participatory method, so be ready to get your hands dirty! ☺

To know more about the activities we have planned, visit the activities&dates section.