Lisbon & Portugal

Lisbon is waiting for you!

ponteLisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, according to U City Guides ranking. Bringing together tradition and modernity, Lisbon has a unique identity that makes it exceptional, you will find proof of that around every corner, on every window sill and on each picturesque and colourful street.

The Portuguese capital is the perfect combination of history and modernity. The charming 18th century buildings in the city centre are now recovered and restored, hosting local businesses, restaurants and traditional Coffee shops where you can have an espresso coffee and taste the famous pastel de nata.

With over a thousand years of history, the city has a massive heritage to share, through monuments, gardens, squares, and museums. Take the emblematic yellow tram, or simply walk and explore the typical Lisbon neighbourhoods. Look for the viewpoints, there are beautiful and unexpected views waiting to be discovered, on top of every hill.

Praia_do_GuinchoDo not miss the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful golden sand beaches of Europe. In the evening take the chance to walk around the cobblestone alleyways and the narrow streets of Principe Real and Bairro Alto and experience Lisbon’s genuine and pleasant night-life, without forgetting to spare a moment to meet the welcoming and friendly Portuguese people.

If you are looking for a different and authentic experience, do not miss this opportunity to be a volunteer in this marvellous city.



One of the oldest nations of Europe emerges next to the magnificent Atlantic Ocean, Portugal. Portugal is a country full of history and traditions, bringing together a combination of culture, gastronomy, beautiful beaches and a warmhearted and open population. The country is well-known for its painted tiles and cobblestone pavements, holding thousands of wonders waiting to be uncovered. Portugal invites you to explore every corner and allow yourself to fall in love with an impressive array of unique landscapes.

Portugal is divided into six major regions, each with a well-defined individuality and character.

portoThe North of Portugal is considered the origin of the Portuguese nation. Filled with medieval castles and stately monuments. Here you will also find the beautiful Peneda Natural Park. This region is famous for having some of the finest wines, especially the world-renowned Port wine, produced in the century-old wineries and vineyards of the Douro Valley Region. The North of Portugal is also home to one of Portugal’s major cities, Porto, also known by its alternative Latin name Invicta, was considered the European Best Destination 2014. Porto extends along the river bank and by the sea, its calmness and tranquil nature invite you to sit on a terrace to simply enjoy the wonderful scenery and relax. With a hospitable character, Porto is a modern city that retains the charm of the antique buildings and historical monuments, giving it a special atmosphere, the historical center of Porto was appraised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.aveiro

The central region of Portugal is known for its contrasts. Containing pleasant coastal villages such as Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice. Here you can find traditional delights like Aveiro’s convent tradition, sweet-eggs, or take a boat tour on a typical brightly painted moliceiro. There is also Coimbra, the celebrated University City, or the highest point in the country, Serra da Estrela, known by its typical mountain cheese. This is one of the most famous spots in Portugal and where the picturesque shale houses are. Also, it is one of the few places where it snows in Portugal!

Lisbon is the emblematic Portuguese capital, immortalized by poets in their poems and songs. It is a charismatic city that emanates culture and tradition, from its typical colorful neighborhoods and the impressive blue River Tagus. Every corner of Lisbon has a story to tell. Surrounded by wonderful towns and cities, such as Cascais, which is ideal for those who enjoy water sports and beaches. Additionally, there is Sintra, which has a mystical aura, accentuated by its unique micro climate that provides a very romantic setting.alentejo

The Alentejo region, known for timeless villages lost among the vast plains. The region´s cuisine is full of intense flavors, along with its warm and welcoming people. Much of this region shares land with the Costa Vicentina Natural Park which gives it a special character, including pristine beaches and untouched forests, it’s a great spot for practicing nature sports.

algarveAnyone visiting Portugal cannot miss the famous Algarve, popular for its white sand beaches and crystalline waters, with a wonderful climate and extraordinary cliffs that provide incredible views of the Atlantic.

It´s difficult to speak about Portugal and not mention the beautiful islands of the archipelago of the Azores and Madeira. Both endowed with natural beauty, full of wild landscapes dominated by completely untouched tropical vegetation.

You can find more detailed information on the following website: Visit Portugal.