About us

Spin Association for the Exchange, Training and Cooperation among Peoples (Spin Association in its abbreviated form) is a non-profit organisation, of national scope, whose fundamental objectives are to promote and defend the intercultural dialogue, human rights, equal opportunities, solidarity and social inclusion. The main tool we use to achieve our fundamental objectives is the implementation of international mobility projects. Born from the common will of a group of people with experience in the management of international projects in the field of training, volunteering and cooperation, Spin Association, supports interculturality and active citizenship.

Here at Spin, the nature of the organisation is travel orientated. We love to travel ourselves. Seeing different places, meeting people and experiencing new cultures is such a rewarding activity. At Spin, we feel that combining social & community work with the travelling adventure will only make it more beneficial. Throughout Spin’s existence, our involvement in these types of projects has allowed us to meet people from all over the world. The Live it Lisbon! programme is the next action in continuing this process.

We are based in Carnide, a district located in northern Lisbon, and more specifically in Bairro Padre Cruz, a public housing neighbourhood which gathers people from different nationalities and backgrounds some of whom live in poor and disadvantaged conditions. There are many associations which take action in this neighbourhood in order to improve its status and the majority of them cooperate in trying to reach this goal. We are part of this synergy and are committed to improving the neighbourhood conditions and the social involvement of the local people.

The local council of Carnide encourages social actions and cooperation between associations. The space which is now occupied by Spin and other organizations used to be an abandoned school; the authorities entrusted these NGOs with the task of renovating the building in order to use it for their activities. We now have an office and a social hostel available.

Thanks to the collaboration and the commitment of our members and volunteers, we have been involved in social and inclusive activities in the neighbourhood. For instance, we have been giving free Zumba, English and guitar classes, free workshops and informative sessions on various topics. Also we have been promoting international mobility and European funded projects among local youths, which has helped local people with foreign languages by organizing international tandems and conversation sessions.

Overall, we hold an active presence in neighbourhood activities and, thanks to the cooperation of other organizations, and with the local council of Carnide, we know exactly what the needs of the neighbourhood are and how to accomplish them. Thus, by participating in this volunteer program you will have the chance to do something real and helpful by making a change in the society!

Spin exists to connect people! It helps experience and appreciate the world’s diversity, makes people challenge their stereotypes and create meaningful connections! The year of 2023 is very special, since we are celebrating our 15th aniversary! Check on our social media how we are planning to celebrate!