A participation fee is required from all the participants to cover the costs of the programme. Due to the current economic situation in Portugal, the government and the local authorities are not able to finance many social projects. Our community is in much greater need than the government can give answer to and that is why we decided to invite international volunteers and ask for their contribution. Please note that the Spin Association is a non-profit organisation, and essentially all our funds go back into developing and improving our local community.

The Live it Lisbon! programme costs the participants a maximum standard fee of €300. This cost can be reduced depending on the date of payment. The Live it Lisbon! programme runs a discount offer that is detailed as follows: the total price can be reduced to €250 if the participant makes their first payment before April, 30th (for period A) or May, 31st (for period B), thus incurring a €50 discount off the maximum standard fee of €300. After April, 30th / May, 31st 2020, the offer is no longer valid, and each participant must pay the maximum standard fee.

In order to reserve your place on the programme, the participants need to fill in the application form and, after receiving our confirmation e-mail, make the payment of the whole fee (250-300€) or its first installment (130-180€) to our bank account. If the participant chooses to pay in two installments, the second one needs to be made in cash on the arrival day.

1st instalment
(after being accepted)
2nd instalment
(upon arrival to Lisbon)
Early bird enrollment: payments made BEFORE
April, 30th (period A) or May, 31st (period B)
130€ 120€ 250€
Standard enrollment: payments made AFTER
April, 30th (period A) or May, 31st (period B)
180€ 120€ 300€

We want to offer the best possible value for the people who come, with no expense spared on the experience. The €300 fee will ensure that the programme can be run to its full potential and that everybody who comes will take away positive memories.

About the fee:

This section will talk about what is included within the fee. The fee covers the majority of the expenses involved with the Live it Lisbon! programme.

The €300/€250 that participants will pay will cover the following:

  • Accommodation (no need to bring bedding or sleeping bags as they will be provided)
  • Food & drink supplied by Live it Lisbon!
  • Activities coordinated by Live it Lisbon!
  • Days out coordinated by Live it Lisbon!
  • Language classes supplied by Live it Lisbon!
  • Cooking workshops supplied by Live it Lisbon!
  • Travel costs within the programme (activities, to work sites, supplied days out)
  • Administrative costs
  • Completion certificate

The fee does not include the following:

  • Travel to and from Lisbon (plane tickets, bus fares, etc.)
  • Towels (these can be hired from the hostel at an additional cost)
  • Food & drink not supplied by Live it Lisbon!, such as restaurants and alcohol
  • Insurance (you will need to supply your own)
  • Visa fees and arrangements
  • Sightseeing visits / trips not supplied by Live it Lisbon!
  • Additional travel fees within Lisbon / Portugal
  • Damage to property of the Spin Association
  • Costs for extra days

Other important information:

Please keep in mind that if you reserve your place on the programme, by paying the whole fee or the 1st instalment, and later decide not to participate, we will not be able to reimburse the 1st installment to you (if you decide to pay the whole fee at once, we will reimburse 120€ to you, reduced by the bank fee for the transfer, if applicable). If you are denied a visa through no fault of your own, you may receive a refund of the whole fee (each situation is evaluated by Spin´s Board). If you do not show up for the programme or resign during its course, whatever the reason may be, we will not be able to reimburse any part of the fee.

Given the extremely tight budget of the programme, all international bank transfer fees are the participants´ responsibility. This means that when you make your payment, you must assume all of the bank fees, so that the amount credited on our account is exact (130€/250€ or 180€/300€, according to the table above). As international bank transfers may be quite expensive sometimes, you can try TransferWise or Revolut as an alternative.

All payments (by transfer or in cash) must obligatorily be made in Euro. The Live it Lisbon! programme does not exchange currency or Travellers Cheques, which is why we strongly recommend that you exchange your money before travelling to Portugal.

Please note that the Live it Lisbon! programme is coordinated by Associação Spin, which is a small independent non-profit organisation. Because of this we are unable to offer scholarships or additional funding for the participants.