Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.
_ H. Jackson Brown Jr.

corredorIf you stand for equal rights and opportunities, if you are aware that we all need to commit ourselves in order to make a change in our complex society, if you know that happiness is the only treasure that becomes bigger when you share it, then you need to participate in this volunteering experience!

Our office and hostel are placed in Bairro Padre Cruz, a neighbourhood located in northern Lisbon. It is a disadvantaged, poor and multicultural area. Despite many seniors’ involvement and commitment in the social and community life, many kids and teens are demotivated, they don’t believe in their skills and they are convinced that they cannot change their situation. A lot of them leave school before graduation and this is the main problem of the neighbourhood.

volontariatoOur volunteer program aims mostly at improving the neighbourhood’s conditions, for example by cleaning streets, painting walls etc., but we also hope to involve local kids in social activities.

With this volunteer experience not only will you contribute to improving the social consciousness of Bairro Padre Cruz and its inhabitants, but you will also gain experience and personal growth. At the end of your stay, you will also receive a certificate stating what you have been doing and how much time you spent here, a document that can be inserted into your CV.

Check out some videos from a few volunteer activities in our community:


To know more about the activities we have planned, visit the activities&dates section.