Activities & Dates

The Live it Lisbon! Summer Volunteer Programme is about volunteering, culture, Portuguese culture, food and tourism. Just take a look at the draft schedules below:

During the mornings participants will work with the association staff and local people for the maintenance of the neighbourhood by cleaning and painting the walls, cleaning the streets and promoting attitudes towards recycling. Furthermore activities with local kids may be organized; for example you may organize and participate in sport tournaments, inclusive workshops on various topics, according to your interests, and language tandem in which you can practise your Portuguese and they can practise their English skills.

In the afternoon participants will have the opportunity to take part in Portuguese culture workshops and cooking workshops. Everyone will get the chance to participate in two culture workshops (2*3h, for a total of 6 hours). These workshops might include language workshop, cinema sessions, dances, music etc.

Depending on the overall number of participants, everyone will get a chance to participate in one or two cooking workshops. The cooking workshops will be held by Spin’s long-term international volunteers from all over Europe and you will have the chance to make some traditional dishes from their countries. Participants’ tastes and requests will be taken into consideration and it would create a positive exchange if participants shared their national recipes, too. If you would like to lead one of the workshops yourself, contact us in advance and we will do our best to make it happen! :) At the end of the stay, all participants will receive an e-book containing the recipes used during the program. This activity is meant to be participative, so don’t be afraid to make your hands dirty!

Most nights will be free and the city centre can be reached by bus, metro, night bus or by Uber/taxi (which costs about 10€). Nevertheless some night activities can be organized according to participants’ request, for example there is the opportunity to organize a movie night, a party, an intercultural night in which everyone will share some food, drink and music from his or her country. If so desired by the participants, a farewell party may take place at the hostel during the last night.

São Jorge Castle boasts an amazing 360º panorama of Lisbon

Participants are entitled to four fully free days. Nevertheless Spin provides optional tourist trips which may require some extra expenses (only for transfers and entrance to monuments when required).

The first option is Lisbon sightseeing and entrance to the São Jorge Castle, which is offered by Spin. On this day Spin also provides you with a day transportation pass in order for you to explore the city centre easily.


Spin also organises one free day with an optional trip. There are several possible places depending on the groups preference:

Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca

To visit the town of Sintra with its numerous magnificent palaces and its beautiful nature that together have made it a UNESCO World Heritage site. From Sintra it is easy to reach Cabo da Roca, where the ocean meets the westernmost extent of continental Europe. If you want to visit these spots, you will have to pay for your own tickets: a two-ways train ticket Lisbon-Sintra costs about 4,30€; the entrance to the castle and the park costs 13€; a two-way ticket Sintra-Cabo da Roca costs around 8€. Anyway, if you have one, we suggest you to bring your European Youth Card which will allow you to get discounts.

Beach day

Summer will be coming, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to see the ocean. So we plan on going to Costa da Caparica. We will stay there the whole day and visit the small village. The ticket to go to the beach costs 5 euros one way. It is also possible to participate in surfing classes, just let us know if you are interested! (prices are around 30-50 euros for one class).

All these trips are one day long and on those days we will have packed lunch.


This year we are back with Live it Lisbon and right on a special date! Saint Anthony’s day!

  • From the 7th until the 17th of June 2023. You can see the draft schedule on the top of the page.

There could be minor changes due to the neighbourhood needs regarding the volunteering action and the participants’ tastes and requests regarding the cooking workshops’ menu.

Santos Populares in Lisbon

June is the best time to visit Lisbon: all the city is awake and ready to celebrate summer, and especially Saint Anthony. On the night of the 12th all the city is ready to celebrate and dance until sunrise. There are many things happening these days: the parade (marchas populares) in the city centre, or the big weddings in the Cathedral of Lisbon (Sé). This will be an unforgettable experience for everyone!


Free Graffiti on White Concrete Wall Stock Photo