entradaThe accommodation and food will be provided by the Spin Association. Food will consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all provided by the programme.

The volunteers will be accommodated in the Spin Hostel, which has all the basic accommodation facilities you will need. The Spin Hostel was born from the recovery of an old elementary school, which makes it contemporary, charming, and unique. The recovery was made by volunteers, too! :)

Our hostel is more than a regular accommodation unit, it is a multicultural gathering place, we have hosted people from all around the world, from Brasil all the way to Vietnam!

quartoAt the hostel you will find the essentials needed for a comfortable stay, such as sheets, blankets, pillows and there is also the possibility of towel hire. Concerning food, all the ingredients, cooking utensils and equipment required for preparing meals will be provided by the Spin Association. The meals will be prepared by the volunteers, who will be sharing the tasks of cooking and preparing food with each other. If there are volunteers with some special requirements concerning food, such as: allergies, intolerance to some ingredients, vegetarians, vegans or any other important condition, please make it be known to Spin Association, and it will be taken into account.

For more detailed information about accommodation or food please visit our FAQ section or contact us by e-mail at