Latest application update 2019

janelaWe have received a considerable number of applications and are now contacting the pre-selected candidates.

Please note that the process of confirming participants takes time, as each person has 5 working days to secure their placement. If you have not been contacted yet, it does not mean that you will not be contacted shortly! All candidates are automatically placed on our waiting list! :)

Here you can find updates on the current number of confirmed* participants:

Current # / Maximum #
Period A: July, 6th – 16th 27/27
Period B: August, 24th – September, 3rd 25/27

If there are few placements left when you are applying, do not get discouraged! We are reserving a few placements for last-minute applications! (They will be released only towards the end of the selection.) Also, we never know, someone may cancel their participation at any time, so there may be a chance for you to take part after all. Don´t hesitate and apply here! :)


* Those candidates who have secured their placements with the initial 115-260€ payment.