Latest application update

patioThe selection process for Period B is now closed, however there are still some open spots for Period A!

We have received a considerable number of applications and are now contacting the pre-selected candidates.

Please note that the process of confirming participants takes time, as each person has 5 working days to secure their placement. If you have not been contacted yet, it does not mean that you will not be contacted shortly! :)

Here you can find updates on the current number of confirmed* participants:

Current # / Maximum #
Period A: July, 13th – 24th 22/26
Period B: August, 22nd – September, 2nd 26/26

If you are still considering to apply, do not get discouraged by the fact that there may be few placements left. We are going to reserve a couple of placements for last-minute applications! Also, we never know, someone may cancel their participation at any time, so there may be a chance for you to take part after all. Don´t hesitate and apply here! :)


* Those candidates who have secured their placements with the initial 100-220€ payment.