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The Fast Forward project is now over . It was a project within the Leonardo da Vinci scheme from the Lifelong Learning Programme. Through the offering of opportunities of internships abroad to young Portuguese adults, especially unemployed ones, it promoted the integration of young people in the labour market. It was not only an opportunity to gain work experience abroad, but we also tried to create a platform for intercultural and linguistic exchange as well as for personal and social development of the young participants.

In the frame of this project, there were carried out internships in the third sector, in various NGOs and youth centres. Internships were also conducted in SMEs (small / medium enterprises) in the field of science, computer science and technologies. We chose those areas of labour market so that Fast Forward could be an asset and stimulation of those sectors in our country as well as in the hosting countries.
Within the Fast Forward project, we attributed 17 grants for 12-week-long international internships in 6 different countries: Germany, Spain, France, Northern Ireland, Italy and Turkey. Spin sent two generations of interns. The first 8 grant recipients realized their experience between September and December 2012, and the second generation of 9 young people between January and June 2013.

With more than 100 applicants for 17 available grants, we congratulate those who were selected and kept motivated, curious and brave to take this opportunity and start this adventure!

Don’t miss their testimonials on our blog (in Portuguese):

  1. Marco and Duarte in France
  2. Marta in Turkey
  3. Sofia in Turkey
  4. Ricardo in the Northern Ireland
  5. Miguel in France
  6. Ana Rita in Germany
  7. Inês Vaz Mateus in France

Check also the map of the Portuguese participants and their destinations:

See bigger map

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