become a volunteer!

In 2008, Spin Association had 9 volunteers/founders, but, in reality, it belongs to all the people who participates in its activities and who helps it grow! It belongs to all the volunteers who contribute to expand it and to promote it among more and more people!

Spin lives thanks to people who are part of it and allow its projects to happen. Without voluntary participation of many people with ideas, desires and unique perspectives, Spin Association would be much less than it is today!

Volunteers are fundamental to Spin, having a key role in maintaining and achieving their goals! Being Spin’s volunteer means being a part of it, suggesting, giving opinion, participating, joining a team … Being a volunteer is to contribute to the growth of this association and to grow with it!

Since 2008 and until today, the Association has had quite a few volunteers and thanks each one of them for the enormous contribution and everything new and relevant for Spin’s work, activities and future that they brought!
But we do not stop here! With new volunteers we want to do new projects, implement new activities and contribute to the development and improvement of the quality of life of many people, not only in the local community, but also in the international community!

If you want to be a part of this dynamic and full of motivation team, become a volunteer of Spin Association by sending an e-mail to!

Among the various available functions, we encourage you to be part of the Department of Image and Communication, making posters, promotional videos, writing articles; be a mentor of European Voluntary Service (EVS) international volunteers, by helping them with social integration in Lisbon, coordinating youth groups during international activities, and much more…

But there are many other possibilities and ways to be a volunteer at Spin! Send us your ideas and tell us what you want to do for others and for yourself too!

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