logo_associacaoSpin Association for the Exchange, Training and Cooperation among Peoples is a non-profit organisation of national scope, whose fundamental objectives are to promote and defend the intercultural dialogue, human rights, equal opportunities, solidarity and social inclusion. The main tool we use to achieve our fundamental objectives is the implementation international mobility projects. Born from the common will of a group of people with experience in the management of international projects in the field of training, volunteering and cooperation, Spin Association, supports interculturality and active citizenship.


Spin Association has fundamental objectives:

  • The increase of intercultural dialog and cooperation between people
  • The defence of human rights and equality of opportunities
  • The promotion of solidarity and social inclusion
  • The development of an active and participative citizenship
  • Stimulate lifelong learning and training


  • Participation in European Mobility Programmes (Erasmus+)
  • Implementation of exchange and mobility activities (holiday camps, workcamps)
  • Education and training for sustainable development
  • Youth information

Spin’s statutes and rules (pt):

Spin Association’s action is guided by the following values and principles:


Spin aims at promoting knowledge between different cultures and value the identity of each one of them as a way to stimulate cooperation.


We believe in an active citizenship that reflects itself in the strengthening of the role of individuals and civil society organisations in fighting injustice, intolerance and inequalities.


We believe in strengthening, not only the knowledge and the technical qualifications of people, but above all their personal and social competencies, as a catalyst for change.

Social Inclusion

We seek to contribute to the access of all, especially those that are in a situation of social exclusion, to the conditions that allow their integration into society as full citizens.


Spin Association defines itself as an autonomous and independent organisation, be it on a political, religious or economical level.

Read our Bill of Values and Principles (pt)

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