Covid-19 update

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we must inform you that our Board of Directors have decided to cancel the July 2020 Live it Lisbon! session due to the coronavirus outbreak around the world.

Even though there is still a bit of time between now and July, we think it would be irresponsible from our side to decide otherwise. Many of you have not yet even managed to apply for a visa and flights are being canceled continuously, so getting to Portugal from abroad in July will not be an easy task. Apart from that, even if you somehow managed to arrive here, we think that implementing Live it Lisbon! under a very strict sanitary regime (social distancing, masks, etc.) would just really seriously kill the joy of it. Many of the participants, before coming here, think that Live it Lisbon! is all about Lisbon. It is not. It is all about people. Getting together with a group of like-minded individuals from around the globe, sharing thoughts, responsibilities, cultures & spaces is what it’s truly all about. There would be no joy in the meeting if we were all constantly worried about a possible infection just around the corner.

We do hope that you understand our organization’s decision and even that you agree with us on the matter. As we already said before, all the confirmed July session participants are entitled to a full reimbursement of the participation fee or can choose to switch to the August session. Details have been sent by email to every person affected.

As for now, the August session (29/08-08/09/2020) has not yet been canceled. Unfortunately, at this moment we cannot guarantee that it will indeed take place, but we will carefully evaluate the matter and, if possible, we will make it happen. In case you are interested in applying for/switching to the August session, feel free to do so. The same terms and conditions apply to all Live it Lisbon! sessions, so in case the August Live it Lisbon! does not take place or you can’t participate, your participation fee will be refunded to you in full.

Last but not least – in case we do not meet in Lisbon this summer – we definitely hope to meet you all on a different occasion! :)

Stay well and stay safe,
Team Spin