EVS vacancy at ART Telheiras (Lisbon, Portugal)

EVS vacancy at ART Telheiras (Lisbon, Portugal)

Associação Spin, acting as Coordinating organization, is currently looking for one Spanish volunteer for an approved EVS project starting in March 2017!

Host: Associação de Residentes de Telheiras
Coordinator: Associação Spin
Activity start date: 01-03-2017
Activity end date: 30-11-2017
Activity duration: 9 months
Vacancies: 1 (for Spanish residents only)
Application deadline: 2nd February 2017
Application consists of: CV and project-specific motivation letter
Application sent to: evs@muxelka.org or evs.arttelheiras@gmail.comArt Logo

ART – Associação de Residentes de Telheiras (Lisbon neighborhood), is a Telheiras resident’s association exists since 1988 and its aims are to foster the neighborhood’s development, influencing political decisions, promoting social activities, and having a positive direct and indirect impact in the environment and in the preservation and vitality of the neighborhood.

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Typical activities for the volunteers are:

– Receive and provide information about Art Telheiras’projects to local people and new associates;

– Search and collect information as well as answer to requests of information through other channels of communication;

– Collaborate for updating the Association’s website, blog and social media pages with contents;

– Support in daily management and simple administrative procedures of Art Telheiras’s projects, both indoors and outdoors;

Collaborate for the implementation of events/activities such as:

– Lectures, classes and workshops: Chi-Kung and Yoga Classes, cycle tourism, football and “jogo da malha” (a typical portuguese game), guitar and piano classes, ballroom dances and Scottish dances, choir,  amateur theater, etc.

– Neighborhood festivals (held 2-3 times per year) where music, dance, sports, culture are all put together in a big “street social party”.

– Support in the organization of social and cultural events for the local community held in the neighborhood, his residents, commerce and activities.

Our organisation has an open mind and intends to support the volunteers to create his/her own events or initiatives. We believe that new ideas are one of the big advantages of bringing someone to our organisation. Therefore, new perspectives and project proposals from the volunteers are always welcomed.


Volunteers are expected to spend 30-35 hours a week working. Their timetable will include space for work in the Education Department, language lessons, days off, social activities and developmenARTt of their own project ideas, etc.

Concerning the stay of the EVS volunteers, the coordinating organization, Associação Spin, will provide the lodging in an apartment, double bedroom with fully equipped kitchen, toilet, laundry facilities and living room. The costs with electricity, water, gas, tv, are covered by the Coordinating Organization. The volunteers will have to share the apartment with other volunteers/students/young people. Each volunteer will also be sharing their room with another youngster, volunteer or student, of the same gender. The flat will have all standard and safe living conditions as well as respect all hygiene and general Portuguese safety standards. It will be located as close as possible to the workplace and the city center. The Coordinating Organization will provide towels and bed linen for the entire period of the project.

The volunteer will use the public transportation network with the “Lisboa Viva” card which will be provided.

A monthly allowance of 185,65 euros is provided by the coordinating organization to cover food expenses and local public transportation.  Every month the volunteer will also receive 100 Euros for pocket money.

Volunteer profile:
We are looking for young motivated volunteers aged 18-30, open minded, eager to learn about new cultures and lifestyles, as well as to participate in the project activities in the local community. It is not required to have any particular degree of formal education, but to have positive and proactive attitude, show tolerance, flexibility, motivation and enthusiasm. We encourage applications especially from youngsters who already have some experience in volunteering or in working with local associations and are, at this moment, available to commit to a long term experience of volunteer work abroad and willing to know more about the work developed in the area of public education. Priority is given to candidates with fewer opportunities (please consult the sending organization whether this status applies in your situation). Any knowledge of Portuguese is a plus, however it is not a requirement.

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Special remarks (please read carefully):

  • The project “Senior Plus” has already received funding from the Erasmus+ Program, so it is sure that it starts in March;
  • we only accept complete applications that contain all the required documents;
  • we can´t consider applications sent after the deadline;
  • all the applications must be sent to evs@muxelka.org or evs.arttelheiras@gmail.com EXCLUSIVELY; applications sent through other communication channels (Facebook, Youthnetworks, etc.) or other e-mail addresses will not be considered;
  • due to the high number of candidates, we are only able to contact the short-listed candidates (in order to invite them for a brief Skype interview);
  • all the other candidates will be informed about the selection results by February, 15th through our website.