URGENT EVS Vacancy at Crescer a Cores (Lisbon, Portugal)

URGENT EVS Vacancy at Crescer a Cores (Lisbon, Portugal)

erasmus+logoAssociação Spin, acting as the coordinating organization, is urgently looking for one Italian volunteer for our partner organization, Associação Crescer a Cores.

Host: Associação Crescer a Cores (2013-PT-57)
Coordinator: Associação Spin (2012-PT-21)
Sending: Associazione Vicolocorto (2012-IT-4)
Activity start date: 15th February 2015
Activity end date: 31st August 2015
Activity duration: 6,5 months
Vacancies: 1 (for Italian residents exclusively)
Application deadline: 9th February 2015
Application consists of: CV and project-specific motivation letter
Application sent to: evs.crescer@a-spin.pt

crescerlogoCrescer a Cores – Associação de Solidariedade Social – IPSS” is an Association officially considered as a Private Institution for Social Solidarity by the Portuguese Law. Crescer a Cores is a non-profit association with regional reach which main aim is to accompany and support the social inclusion of our target groups which are Children, Youngsters and Families who are in social disadvantage situations, through providing community responses and services on the fields of psychology, education and health. The EVS volunteer will work mainly with the biggest target group: children aged 1 to 3 years old.

1399274_681629558523751_335911481_oThe volunteer’s main tasks will be to:
1. provide support to the educators in the daily activities for children aged 12-36 months old (general support, telling stories, puppet theatres, playing with the children, drawing and painting, etc.)
2. support in the organization of cultural events with families, children and local community by preparing creative informative materials, making contacts with stakeholders, arranging decorations and preparing the spaces for hosting the beneficiaries

“Crescer a Cores” intends to support the volunteer to create their own events or initiatives, in accordance with their principles and upon Board’s approval.

Volunteers are expected to spend 30-35 hours a week working. Their timetable will include space for work at Crescer a Cores, language lessons, days off, social activities and development of their own project ideas, etc.

Concerning the stay of the EVS volunteers, the coordinating organization, Associação Spin, will provide the lodging in an apartment, double bedroom with fully equipped kitchen, toilet, laundry facilities and living room. The costs with electricity, water, gas, tv, are covered by the Coordinating Organization. The volunteers will have to share the apartment with other volunteers/students/young people. Each volunteer will also be sharing their room with another youngster, volunteer or student, of the same gender. The flat will have all standard and safe living conditions as well as respect all hygiene and general Portuguese safety standards. It will be located as close as possible to the workplace and the city center. The Coordinating Organization will provide towels and bed linen for the entire period of the project.

1486731_681633395190034_1300377965_nThe volunteer will use the public transportation network with the “Lisboa Viva” card which will be provided.

A monthly allowance is provided by the coordinating organization to cover food expenses and local public transportations, including also pocket money.

Volunteer profile:
We are looking for a young motivated volunteer aged 20-30, open minded, eager to learn about new cultures and lifestyles, as well as to participate in the project activities in the local community. It is not required to have any particular degree of formal education, but to have positive and proactive attitude, show tolerance, flexibility, motivation and enthusiasm. In this project, age and maturity are important due to direct work with children and families in the neighborhood. We encourage applications especially from youngsters who already have some experience in volunteering or in working with children and youngsters and are, at this moment, available to commit to a long term experience of volunteer work abroad and willing to know more about the social work developed in a special community of Lisbon, Carnide. Priority is given to candidates with fewer opportunities (please consult the sending organizations whether this status applies in your situation). Any knowledge of Portuguese is a plus, however it is not a requirement.


Activities at Crescer a Cores.

Special remarks (please read carefully):

  • this project has already received funding from the Erasmus+ Program, so it is sure that it starts in February
  • there is no possibility of delaying the beginning of the project – the volunteer must arrive in Lisbon on February, 15th
  • only candidates residing in Italy can apply (our sending partner organization is from Italy, there is no possibility of change in this regard)
  • as this volunteer placement involves direct work with children, the selected volunteer will have to provide us with their criminal record certificate
  • we only accept complete applications that contain all the required documents
  • we can´t consider applications sent after the deadline (February, 9th)
  • send your application to evs.crescer@a-spin.pt exclusively, applications sent through other communication channels (Facebook, Youthnetworks, etc.) will not be considered
  • if we receive a high number of applications, we may only be able to contact the short-listed candidates (in order to invite them for a brief Skype interview); in such case all the other candidates will be informed about the selection results by February, 13th through our website