Welcome to Spin Association´s Website! 

Here you will find some great details about our activities (past, present and future). This information is here for those who would like to join or learn more about who we are and what we do.

The website has two different menus for navigation. Above, is the main menu (blue letters). Here you can access comprehensive information about all our activities. On the left-hand side of the page (black background) is the simplified menu. Here you can quickly locate the information you desire. Also there is the site map, which gives a complete picture of all the website components (link at the bottom right).

The news on the main page is split into two different categories: “Opportunities” which are listed on the photo slider, and Institutional / Local news which can be found in the centre of the page, beneath the slider).

You can return to the Portuguese version of our website by clicking on the flag in the upper right-hand corner.

Our department of image and communication have created this page with you in mind. Please give us feedback and let us know if there is anymore information you would like to find here. You can leave a comment here or write to dic@a-spin.pt. Any suggestions are very welcome!

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