ESC hosting

Since its foundation in 2008, Spin has hosted over 60 volunteers from 21 different countries in both long and short-term EVS/ESC projects. Through their hard work and dedication, they contributed greatly to the development of our community, as well as helped shape what the Spin Association is and what it stands for. We will be forever grateful to each and everyone of them!

Year: Volunteers:
 2021-2022: Mari (Poland) and Julia (Poland)
 2021: Eliisa (Estonia) and Henri (Estonia)
 2020-2021: Aurélie (United Kingdom), Ana (France), Victorien (France) and Kerim (Turkey)
 2020: Michele (Italy) and Katia (Norway)
 2019-2020: Agnes (Estonia), Giulia (Italy), Annalise (United Kingdom), Octavian (Romania) and Ksenia (Russia)
 2019: Ana (Croatia), Nikoleta (Slovakia) and Justin (Germany)
2018 – 2019: Monika (Poland), Magda (Poland), Monika (Macedonia), Davide (Italy), Romea (Croatia) and Alexandra (Hungary)
2017 – 2018: Camilla (Italy), Maria (Cyprus), Katerina (Czech Republic) and Michał (Czech Republic)
2017: Ana (Croatia), Petra (Slovenia), Andra (Romania) and Babis (Greece)
2016 – 2017: Michela (Italy), Jordan (France), Katarzyna (Poland), Elena (Spain) and Marco (Italy)
2015 – 2016: Agata (Poland), Maurizio (Italy), Elías (Spain), Dagmara (Poland) and Sona (Spain)
2015: Vlad, Ionut, Georgeta-Andrea, Catalina, Alin, Natalia, Alina, Ana-Maria, Adela, Bogdan, Alexandra, Roxana-Dumitrita, Iulia, Emanuel (Romania), Carolina (Italy) and Tom (Wales)
2014 – 2015: Kasia (Poland) and Emilio (Spain)
2014: Zofia (Poland) and Álvaro (Spain)
2013 – 2014: Maja (Croatia) and Enric (Spain)
2013: Florence (France) and María (Spain)
2012 – 2013: Marietta (Hungary) and Kyriakos (Greece)
2011 – 2012: Salvatore (Italy) and Nenad (Macedonia)
2010 – 2011: Rasa (Lithuania) and Aneta (Poland)
 2010: María (Paraguay)

Some videos created by or with the support from our volunteers:

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