Spin Hostel

Spin hostel is:

A meeting place for the promotion of social inclusion, interculturality and educational mobility.

A space designed to welcome and support social, formative and solidarity activities.

An opportunity to exchange knowledge, values and professional skills.

An incubator of new ideas for the development and valuation of projects about community interest.

An accountability, social participation and training facility.

A conversion point and a place of mutual enrichment between the local community and the international experience.

The SPIN Hostel is located at the Espaço Comunitário Antiga Escola Rio Tejo at Bairro Padre Cruz in Lisbon. It is a project managed by the SPIN Association with the support of Carnide’s Parish Council.

The innovative feature of this project is to combine, in one single proposal, the work for local development with national and international dimension, aiming for interaction and mutual enrichment, encouraging active participation of all in public and civic life. It is an open area, flexible and adaptable to the needs of each group, as well as to specifics of your stay.

Spin Hostel is open to hosting groups and support of residential training courses for youth and adults, summer camps, Workcamps, artistic workshops, meetings and retreats, activities for people of all ages, cultural and social projects, responsible tourism groups and all activities that promote socialization.

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Rules of the SPIN Hostel use


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