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Draw for Your Rights - training course (Portugal)

Date and place

7-15 May 2022, Bairro Padre Cruz, Carnide – in Lisbon, Portugal

The Training Course aimed to develop the use of drawing as an educational tool within Youth Work and to promote Human Rights Education (HRE) through comics and illustration structured on communication principles.
Based on the idea that to be an illustrator you do not necessarily need to know how to draw but rather how to communicate effectively, we explored drawing as an educational tool to empower youngsters and young adults.
Being so, we explored Human Rights Education (HRE) under 3 dimensions: “me as a person”, “me as an educator” and “me in action” to fully understand and promote HRE within youth Youth and Youth Work.

Aimed objectives
– Educate to promote Human Rights among youngsters and young adults;
– Develop drawing as an educational tool to be used by youth workers on a regular basis but also as a form of action;
– Improve communication skills;
– Improve creative thinking.
Project’s results
– Multiplying workshops lead by the participants at their local communities

Wks disseminação3 booklet

Partner NGO’s
Kaebnai (Spain)
Bokra Sawa (France)
Walk Together (Bulgaria)
Hellas for Us (Greece)
Institut za Poticanje Mladih (Croacia)
CET Platforma Skopje (Republic of North Macedonia)
Genclikte Spor Sanat ve Egitim Dernegi (Turkey)



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

Day 7


This project was co-funded by Erasmus+ programme.




From crisis to chance - training course on Emergency Pedagogy (Portugal)

crisis-chance-logoDate and place

12-19 May 2019, in Lisbon, Portugal


Training course funded by the Erasmus + program, which involved 30 youth workers, teachers and educators from Portugal, Romania, Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovenia Norway on the topic of Emergency Pedagogy, a non-conflicting pedagogical approach that helps children and young people to process their traumatic experiences. The course included theoretical sessions on traumatology and practical workshops on art therapy and rhythmic movements. 

Participants were equipped with new skills and competencies for psychosocial stabilization and trauma prevention in the children and youth they work with.

Project's photo album, here!

Photo-collage of each day of the course, here.

  • Project results:

- Public sessions on Emergency pedagogy such as a Cine-Forum in the European University and the Workshop Presentation in the Community Space of Antiga Escola Rio Tejo.

colagem cine forum e workshops

Brochure "How to help youngsters with trauma with Emergency Pedagogy" (link here):  

E-Brochure to create awareness and spread the word about how can Youth workers apply Emergency Pedagogy in their daily work with children and youngsters at-risk of developing post-stress disorders.

- Participant's articles & testimonies:

   Germany Bettina,  Germany Julia, Estonia (our CES volunteer that collaborated in the TC's implementation), Spain, Portugal Ana, Portugal Marta, Portugal Luciana, Portugal Jésus, Slovenia, Romania e Greece  

- Video-story of the project

  1. Quick story
  2. Video

Partner NGOs:

  • Spin Association - Portugal
  • Freunde Waldorf - Germany
  • PATRIR - Romania
  • Associazione Vicolocorto - Italy
  • You in Europe - Greece
  • Socialna akademija - Slovenia
  • Asociacion Mundus - Spain
  • Trondelag Fylkeskommune - Norway
  • Crescer na Maior - Portugal

This project was co-funded by Erasmus+ programme and received support from the Junta de Freguesia de Carnide and Universidade Europeia.erasmuslogo-810x250

Us & the Others, Lisboa (Portugal)

Dates and place
21 – 27 April 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal

The international in-service training course “Us & the Others: Photography and Multiculturalism” was implemented in Lisbon from 21st to 27th April 2014.

us and the othersThe main objective of this training course was to provide its participants with theoretical and technical knowledge needed to use photography as a tool for communicating and promoting multiculturalism in our society.
Based on the belief that photography is a powerful media for transmitting messages, able to change opinions and attitudes, thanks to this training course, supported by the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Program, 6 participants had the opportunity to improve their authorial photography technical skills, combining them with concepts of multiculturalism.

The methodology used was based on “peer to peer” learning, combined with formal and non-formal education techniques, taking the best of each.
It was a week of learning and knowledge sharing with excellent practical results. See the webgallery with the final works of various participants.

activatiON: local active citizenship for global sustainability, Lisboa (Portugal)

Dates and place
25 February – 5 March 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal

Participating countries
Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania

The main goal of the course was to increase knowledge about the connection between human rights and environmental issues and in that way to increase conscious participation of young people in defending more sustainable global development through their active participation at local level. That goal was based on the belief that the critical global environmental situation is interrelated with the human rights violations that take place around the world and active youth participation at local level can have an impact on creating a more sustainable development globally.

Through the activities of this training course (activities of non-formal education, study visits, meetings with representatives of local NGOs), participants linked ecology to urban development, social rights to economic growth, environment to human beings, creating a bridge between economy, social justice and protection of the environment, seen as interdependent components which reinforce themselves mutually in democratic life.

See here some photos and the final video!

This training course was supported by the Youth in Action Program.

SIT - Social Inclusion Trainer, Vilnius (Lithuania)
Dates and place
22 – 28 October 2013 in Vilnius, Lituania

“SIT – Social Inclusion Trainer” was a training course for trainers.

Its main objectives were:

  • Development of training competences by the youth workers that collaborate with associations focused on social inclusion;
  • To provide the youth workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare, implement and evaluate educational activities for the youngsters;
  • To foster the participants approach to social inclusion and their role in the target group;
  • Enable the participants to use socially inclusive methodologies on their work with the youngsters;
  • To familiarize the participants with the principles of training and learning.

With the participation of youth workers from Czech Republic, Italy, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Portugal, France, Slovenia, Turkey, Cyprus and Romania, this training course was an asset to all of them, allowing the development of competences and new learning techniques.

YouSim, simulations as a method for forming youth activists of Civil Society, Berlin (Germany)

Dates and place
18 – 25 August 2013 in Berlin, Germany

crisp logoWe sent two participants to this training course for trainers organized by CRISP, an Association from Berlin, Germany, and the Institute of Training and Development “Millenium”, from Moldova. 17 civil society activists from various countries went to Berlin to become familiar with the simulation games methodology in order to be able to apply it in their work, in their own organizations. Besides conducting various simulation games and visiting Humanity in Action, another NGO that uses this methodology, participants received extensive theoretical content. During the second phase of the training course, participants drew up their own simulation games on topics related to their areas of work. Issues included, among others, development of awareness about the different facets of migration and increase of activism among the youth.

This training course was supported by the Youth in Action Program.

3C for Peace, Florence (Italy)
Available soon!
SOHO, Andrasan (Turkey)
Available soon!
How to Train Your Pen - Story-crafting and word-bending for Novices, Lisbon (Portugal)

Dates and place
9-17 November 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal

how to train your penThe main objective of the workshop was to stimulate and encourage adults to read and write, providing theoretical bases, tools and techniques that reveal ways to creative text production. Participants were involved in interactive lectures, discussion, readings and exercises sessions that produced an intercultural environment that nurtured creativity. Learners in this workshop’ activities acquired means of writing just for the sake of writing, not only as vehicle for self-expression or professional success. They got it to cultivate and enhance literary traditions and to lead them to finding sources of inspiration in order to get to the point of creative production.

Themes that were explored during the Workshop:

  • Essential beginnings: what are literature and reading experiences?
  • Why write/create or read literature in the 21st century?
  • Fiction for beginners.
  • Creative nonfiction: writing of memories and personal essay.
  • Interpretation and about interpretation
  • iLearn eLearn: New technologies and creative writing.
  • Architecture and spirit of the city as inspirations for creating plots and characters.
  • Plagiarism? Discussion about recycling and construction of already existing ideas.
  • Writing for Comics, Manga and graphic novels.
  • Psychology of reading and writing.

This training course was supported by the Youth in Action Program.

Communication and Conflict Management for Peace Education, Lisbon (Portugal)

Dates and place
14 – 20 October 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal

communication and conflict management

The course focused mainly on the following topics:

  • group dynamics and relational skills;
  • effective and nonviolent communication;
  • mutual understanding in intercultural environment;
  • experiential learning;
  • emotional aspects of conflict and self-reflection;
  • education for human rights;
  • conflict analysis and conflict mapping;
  • non-violent conflicts processing;
  • active citizenship and campaigns.

The methodological approach was based on non-formal education (interactive lectures, creative thinking exercises, role plays, group work, drama, simulation…).

Participants: 18 participants from 7 countries (Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Sweden).

This training course was supported by the Youth in Action Program.

Entrepreneurship for Social Change, Comaruga (Spain)
Available soon!
Educate to Sustainability, Palermo (Italy)
Available soon!
Focus on: the photo and video tools for peacebuilding, Lisbon (Portugal)

Dates and place
13-21 November 2011, in Lisbon (Portugal)

Available soon.

See some movies made by participants!

This training course was supported by the Youth in Action Program.

Training Course for EVS Mentors, Torri Superiore (Italy)

Dates and place
4-9 September 2011 in Torri Superiore (Italy)

This training course main aim was to analyse the tasks and role of the mentors in the European Voluntary Service (EVS).
With the main task of helping the volunteers in their social integration and in the hosting city daily-life, the mentors are mainly helpers in the personal and professional development of the volunteers.

At this training course it was sought to clarify the role of the mentor, making it more transparent and recognizable by the competence authorities, namely by the European Commission.

This training course was supported by the Youth in Action Program.

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