live it lisbon! – summer volunteer programme

lil_peqAre you an enthusiastic person? Do you like to make a difference in what you do? Do you like meeting people from all over the world and sharing cultures? If you can relate to these points, then Live it Lisbon! is the program for you!

1094696_623675650985809_1543125749_oLive it Lisbon! is a social program aimed at people who want to live, work and create bonds with people from all over Europe. The program consists of partaking in volunteer community work here in Lisbon, and will allow you to contribute to helping communities in the city of Lisbon. As well as the community work, you will benefit from Portuguese language classes, which will allow you to learn more about the culture of Portugal and this amazing city, or from cooking workshops, which will allow you to add recipes from other countries while having fun with the other participants.

Live it Lisbon! is a project that is being organised and created by one of the most widely recognised youth NGOs in Portugal, who specialise in international mobility. The idea behind Live it Lisbon! is to give the opportunity for participants to experience a culture other their own through community work, language classes and cooking workshops, also while sharing the experience with the other participants.

1150211_623663927653648_413388938_nDuring the program you can expect to learn about the social needs of our community, and also experience Lisbon in its beautiful summer glory. The program is not all about work though! Other activities will be arranged for the participants. We have a fully kitted-out hostel for accommodation purposes, in which we will conduct group cooking activities, evening entertainment and social activities. With Lisbon being a city full of fantastic sights and beaches, it would be ideal for the participants to experience these during the program. We want to leave our participants with a legacy that they will benefit from. We hope that they will learn about themselves, other people and the communities in which they will help.

Live it Lisbon! offers a remarkable opportunity for development. This will be shown in a certificate provided at the end of the program. Do something different with your summer, with Live it Lisbon!

More information can be found on the official website of the programme, at


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