EVS Vacancies at Boutique da Cultura, Lisbon, Portugal

EVS Vacancies at Boutique da Cultura, Lisbon, Portugal

Associação Spin, acting as the Coordinating organization, is currently looking for 2 EVS/ESC Italian and French volunteers for a project with our local partner Boutique da Cultura.

Host: Boutique da Cultura
Associação Spin
Sending IT: 
Sending FR: Maison de l’Europe Bordeaux – Aquitaine
Activity start date: 1st September 2018 
Activity end date: 
31st August 2019
Activity duration: 
12 months
2 (1 Italian resident and 1 French resident exclusively)
Application deadline: 
July, 1st 2018
Application consists of: 
CV, motivation letter and small presentation about an activity (more information below)
Application sent to:
if you reside in Italy send your application to: europa@stranaidea.it
 and evs.spin@gmail.com
if you reside in France send your application to: amalia.petaux@europebordeaux.eu 
and evs.spin@gmail.com

Boutique da Cultura is a Portuguese non profit Association founded in 2013. It´s main aim is to promote culture in its diverse forms of expression.logo boutique
The regular activities include creation, preparation and implementation of theatre plays, dance shows, concerts, cultural workshops for families, courses and trainings on cultural and artistic topics, photography, exhibitions and cultural trips.
Each cultural show/project could be designed for a specific audience or be for all general public to attend. Nevertheless, our underline purpose is to include all sorts of public in all our regular activities.

We work with a settled local partnership in diverse areas, which provide us support, especially related to spaces for activities. Recently we have signed a protocol with Junta de Freguesia de Carnide in order to develop all our artistic and production activities in a specific place named Espaço Bento Martins, located in the building in front of our office, in Junta’s premises. We are also manage two new projects: an “Art’s Incubator” and a “Solidarity Library”.


- Preparing and settling up cultural exhibitions/events: host the artists/authors, take care of the specific arrangements for the settle up, create posters and flyers, prepare openings, host the exhibitions for general public.

- Support in the management of the “Art’s Incubator” and “Solidarity Library” projects together with the coordinating team;

- Support for the production of Theatre plays, dance shows and concerts: taking care of the stage, scenarios, costumes, create media materials for promotion and dissemination (videos, photos, posters, flyers..).

- Support organization and implementation of Parties and Workshops: suggest and implement EVS volunteer’s own ideas for events, support the organization and logistics of Parties and Workshops for general public.

- Support in researching and arranging itineraries for cultural visits, selecting and preparing the groups for departure and settling up meetings for evaluation and exchange of contacts/photos and socialization.

- Front office and back office work: reply to requests of information of general public, preparing press releases, help in ticket management, contacts with artists, creation of invitations for public authorities and local partners, etc.

All these activities and tasks are aimed at providing the best cultural option at the best possible social price (if possible even for free) for the local community in order to tackle ignorance and contribute for social inclusion. “People with culture are free people(..)” that said by Angel Ganivet, and it is also the belief of the Boutique da Cultura’s HO that, by providing all sorts of artistic and cultural high quality options to all audiences, with special attention for the integration of people with disadvantaged background, will stimulate the broadening of views and stimulate active participation and citizenship at a wider dimension.


  • Accommodation – Coordinating & hosting organization, Associação Spin, will provide the lodging in a flat as close to the office and the city center as possible. If the apartment is located in the city center, the volunteers will spend around 35 minutes to reach the working place. The volunteers will have to share the room with another volunteer/student/young person (room and connected expenses are paid by Associação Spin). They may also – if so wished by the volunteer – receive a monthly accommodation allowance and be solely responsible for finding and paying for their own accommodation.
  • Food & transportation – A monthly allowance of 186,70€ will be provided by Associação Spin to cover food expenses and local public transportation.
  • Pocket money – Every month the volunteer will receive 152€ as pocket money.
  • Working hours – The volunteers are expected to spend 30-35 hours a week working. The daily timetable includes time for language learning, lunch, social activities and development of own project ideas, etc.
  • Days off – Volunteers are entitled to two days off per week as well as 2 extra days of vacation for every month of their voluntary work.


We are looking for young motivated volunteers aged 18-30, open minded, eager to learn about new culfoto show boutiquetures and lifestyles, as well as to participate in the project activities in the local community. It is not required to have any particular degree of formal education, but to have positive and proactive attitude, show tolerance, flexibility, motivation and enthusiasm. We encourage applications especially from youngsters available to commit to a long term experience of volunteer work abroad and willing to know more about the social and cultural work developed in a special community of Lisbon, Carnide. Priority is given to candidates with fewer opportunities, specially in an unemployment situation (please consult the sending organizations whether this status applies in your situation). Any knowledge of Portuguese is a plus, however it is not a requirement.

According to the 2018 Erasmus+ rules, all candidates must be registered with the European Solidarity Corps.


In order to be considered for the vacancies, each candidate has to send (in only 1 single e-mail):

  1. up-to-date CV,
  2. project-specific Motivation Letter
  3. presentation about an idea/activity you would like to implement in Boutique da Cultura (you can do the presentation in a video, poster, prezi, be as creative as possible! :)

The complete applications (CV + project-specific Motivation Letter+presentation) should be sent no later than July, 1st 2018 to:

if you reside in Italy send your application to: europa@stranaidea.it and evs.spin@gmail.com
if you reside in France send your application to: amalia.petaux@europebordeaux.eu and evs.spin@gmail.com

Final remarks (please read carefully):

  • the project, “Evolve, Create, Support!” has NOT received funding from the Erasmus+ Program yet, so it is NOT 100% sure that it will start in September 2018 (we are waiting for the application results)
  • only candidates residing in France and Italy can apply (our sending partner organizations are from these countries, there is no possibility of change in this regard)
  • please make sure you are registered with the European Solidarity Corps;
  • we only accept complete applications that contain all the required documents;
  • we can´t consider applications sent after the deadline (July, 1st);
  • due to the high number of candidates, we are only able to contact the short-listed candidates (in order to invite them for a brief Skype interview);
  • all the other candidates will be informed about the selection results by July, 15th through our website.