Spin on the WARP Summit

Spin on the WARP Summit

Spin was invited to participate in the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit which will take place on 16-19 September in Seoul, South Korea. The summit is organized by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, HWPL and the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) of which Spin is the member.

This summit will bring together thousands of representatives of organizations active in the work for world peace from 130 countries which will have an opportunity to discuss the topic of intercultural and interreligious dialogue in order to define a common value system, applicable to various social-political sectors of different societies.

The representative of Spin this summit, Graziano Tullio, will especially follow pannels centered on themes like “Education and Peace building” and “Cultural diplomacy and peace building” and will participate in sessions about working for peace in the Middle East and the north of Africa.

This Summit will be attended by numerous heads of state and senior representatives of international organizations with whom it will be possible to discuss about the peace building process between two Koreas, the Philippines’ peace treaty and the possibility of replicability in other conflict zones.

SPIN is one of few European organizations of the IPYG, which encompasses more than 235 youth organizations from 63 countries, and being invited for this major international event is a great honor for us and a sign of recognition of our work.

This is a new step towards the fulfillment of the goals of our organization: to promote intercultural dialogue, cooperation between peoples, human rights and development of an active and participatory citizenship on the global level!

Here’s the promotional video of the event.