CapitALL: 30 youngsters in European volunteering (EVS)

CapitALL: 30 youngsters in European volunteering (EVS)

“CapitALL – Connecting Capitals, Building Euro 
pe” is an Europeanproject supported by European Programme Erasmus+, in the context of European Voluntary Service (EVS), coordinated by Associação Spin.  

Responding to a call by Camara Municipal de Lisboa, Spin is coordinating this international project with the main goal of creating a link between two cities: Lisbon and Cluj-Napoca, in Romania. In fact in 2015 the city of Lisbon and Cluj-Napoca celebrate two important events: Lisbon has been chosen as Volunteering European Capital, while Cluj-Napoca is the 2015 Youth European Capital.

Consequently this international project aims to links two capitals, leads to a bigger involvement of European youngsters in European Voluntary Service and promotes principles of tolerance and mutual understanding among all the European youths.

Last October fifteen Portuguese young people has already been sent throught Spin to Cluj-Napoca, where they have spent their international volunteering. From November 5th and December 7th fifteen Romanian youngsters are living in Lisbon, to do some volunteering activities all around the city hosted by Spin and other partners.

This European volunteering project has several main goals:

  • promoting social inclusion, tolerance and solidarity among the European population;
  • promoting mutual understanding among Europeans young people;
  • promoting the knowledge of other cultures, fomenting dialogue and intercultural apprentiship;
  • encouraging and helping to active citizenship, through the involvement of young people in local communities;
  • promoting volunteering work among all the populationa and in particular among youngsters;
  • stimulating creativity in metodologies, approaches and actions toward social inclusion and a bigger awareness about European youth and volunteering policies;
  • helping young people with social difficulties in gaining new personal and professional competences throught ideation and implementation of cultural events.

“CapitALL” project Instagram profile:

Associação Spin para o Intercâmbio, Formação e Cooperação entre os Povos
Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
CVCN – Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj-Napoca
Federatia Share Cluj-Napoca

Programa Erasmus+ Juventude em Acção
Junta de Freguesia de Carnide