New TC TLx8A > Looking for partners!

New TC TLx8A > Looking for partners!

Spin Association will be applying to a new Erasmus+ project called TLx8A. It will be a training course, in Lisbon, on the 1st week of October 2016!

According to article 8A.3, of the Lisbon Treaty “Every citizen shall have the right to participate in the democratic life of the Union”. However, the European Parliament official website, inform us the 2014 European Parliament election had a turnout of only 42,61%. This means that despite the efforts of the EU and civil society NGOs the abstention rate is still very high, especially among youngsters.

The project TLx8A has the aims of:
– increasing active participation via the development of knowledge about the EU and the way it influences its citizens daily life;
– increase people’s awareness of EU, its principles, way of acting and benefits.We intent to achieve these goals through the use of photography.We believe that photography is an important media given its quality of universal language, providing participants with the possibility to use photography as an instrument to communicate and foster democracy and thus promoting an active participation. Photography will be a tool that allows all citizens to become more aware of the EU, become more active citizens and realizing they have a saying on EU’s future.

With the duration of 10 days the project’s activity will be held in Lisbon, in the first week of October 2016. It is a Training Course and will gather 24 participants from 8 countries.

The final outcomes of the Training Course will be a photo exhibition, a web gallery and both an ebook and printed book with the images made by the participants.

Dates: 30th September to 9th October 2016


Financial conditions:
– Travel costs will be reimbursed according to the lump sum based on distance calculator (if the travel costs are higher than the lump sum, participant or partner organization should cover the difference)
– No participation fee will be requested.

Project partner’s roles and responsibilities:
– We are looking for partners from Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, Lituania and Czech Republic.
– The call for partners is open to organizations involved in youth field, who already work in inclusion field on local, national or international level and the ones who would like to create their inclusive projects in the future. Organizations should be motivated on establishing long term partnerships.

If you are interested in being our partner, please send the mandate duly filled in and fill in the online partner identification form before 24th January. Only the Online PIF will be accepted, other format, i.e., word document, will be disregarded.

In case you are interested in becoming a partner or would like to receive some other information, send us an email to